10 Most Romantic Island Getaways

Ever thought of Romance in another dimension? Then you have try it on one of this islands! For your anniversaries, couple’s trips or any romantic getaway, these are the island resorts that offer the ultimate in romance, from special dinners, beautiful views, romantic suites, spa treatment and more.


Jackie’s on the Reef, Jamaica

Giving you the better of the isle’s first wellness retreats.

Sleep in a geodesic dome made of coral. The room is said to have awesome energy.

Best time to visit: October through early December delivers the best deals, though they may come with rain showers. Most are fleeting


Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Romance in a different dimension is having no fourth wall, no doors, no windows — and no distractions separating you from one of the world’s most iconic views.

Sleep, eat, lounge and bathe inside a screensaver scene.

Best time to visit: May is best for savings, and for securing the Galaxy Sanctuary, which offers a 270-degree wall-less view of the Pitons and Jade Mountain‘s private beach. {You might Like: }


Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

At Kamalame Cay, a private island off the east coast of Andros. Giving you an open-air beach bar, enjoy a rum punch as ‘youth’ drape like an ermine cloak, massages in an overwater spa, sleep with the doors and windows of our villa open so the curtains dance in the sea breeze.

The resort is surrounded by three miles of empty beaches, as if its private island location wasn’t insular enough.

Best time to visit: The deals happen in Kamalame Cay’soff season (May to August). It’s also the region’s rainy season, though the Bahamas see more than 300 sunny days a year.


Cayo Espanto, Belize

The South Pacific’s overwater bungalows have a luxurious Caribbean rival. Belize’s Cayo Espanto offers a private overwater bungalow off a private dock on a private island. All of it is a short flight from your not-so-private daily life.

The resort’s overwater villa (not pictured) features a glass floor to view sea life. We know of no other villa like this in the Caribbean.

Best time to visit: March and April offer the clearest water and weather.


North Island, Seychelles

Of his stay here at this private island resort in the Seychelles, Islands contributing editor Bob Morris writes, “My wife and I were out for two hours, hiking with a naturalist from North Island. This was the honeymoon outpost for Great Britain’s Prince William and Kate. At this resort, the staff of 130 looks after a maximum of just 44 guests.”

Only here: Giant seeds (coco de mers) grow to resemble the human buttocks.

Best time to visit: May to November, when cooling trade winds kick in.


Sandals LaSource, Grenada

Islands digital editor Steve Spears said this of Grenada’s newest resort: “Of the property’s 225 suites, 69 of them are butler suites, all of which involve a plunge pool of sorts. Here, meandering rivers, waterfalls and infinity pools mix with living space. And with nine restaurants on tap, the small set of portable wooden steps leading to your bed are necessary.”

Notions of an all-inclusive resort expand. Live shows, sailing lessons, and snorkeling and diving tours are included in the nightly rate.

Best time to visit: Early December sees deals and sunny skies.


Hotel Chocolat, St. Lucia

Making chocolate bars — straight from the cocoa beans — at St. Lucia’s Hotel Chocolat, a boutique resort that lives up to its promissory name 24/7. Cocoa martinis and cocoa bellinis before dinner. Downed iced chocolate shots. Noshed on seared tuna with cocoa pesto.”

A trip to the beach means hopping in Hotel Chocolat’s speedboat. This is a good thing. St. Lucia’s rugged terrain (and famous Pitons) entail winding roads.

Best time to visit: Save big in May but book early. St. Lucia is a favourite destination for weddings.


Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

Some villas high on the hillside behind having private swimming pools. This two-bedroom beach bungalow has an outdoor tub instead. Oh yeah, and the Caribbean Sea is about 10 long strides from the front door.”

Selfies are maddening. Nestled at the base of Gros and Petit Piton, Sugar Beach’s location makes it tough to frame both iconic mountains (and yourself) in a single shot.

Best time to visit: May and June deliver deals, but book ahead. Weddings are popular here.s


The Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barts

You know what? This hotel is on the always the romantic island of St. Barts, with a dynamic vibe, beautiful artwork and something always going on. Especially the love dining at the On the Rocks restaurant, perched romantically on the cliff overlooking St. Jean Bay. That’s a romantic dinner worth every penny.

Each room at Eden Rock is unique. So unique, the Rockstar Villa comes with a recording studio.

Best time to visit: St. Barts’ resorts tiptoe into affordable realms during May and June.


Kilauea Lakeside Estate, Kauai, Hawaii

Islands photo editor Lori Barbely wrote, “I regale Steve and Janine Hunt, owners of Kilauea Lakeside Estate, with stories of my first two days. Steve looks serious. ‘You need to schedule a massage. And some downtime.’ Janine agrees: ‘Polynesian paralysis is an integral part of the Kauai experience.'”

Only here: Your own private lake on Kauai’s north coast (not the shore) with complete privacy on an 11-acre peninsula.

Best time to visit: In the fall, the least crowded season. In spring, airfares plummet and the weather’s perfect.

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