12 irresistible ways to ask a girl out

We all know that to ask a girl out is a big step or more like a bridge we have to cross to begin a relationship or have anything sincere, lasting and intimate. Here are 12 Irresistible ways to ask a girl out

#1. Become friends with her: most girls don’t like to jump or dive into a relationship with someone they know nothing about. {You Might Like: Signs to Know if a Girl Likes You: 8 Magic Tips}

#2. Be confident: girls don’t like guys with low confidence or doesn’t know what exactly he wants, prove to her you love her and that you ready to be in a relationship with her..

#3. Be charismatic and lively:  most females are attracted to charismatic men and also a lively personality, cos no one wants to spend their life with a boring partner.

#4. No lies: the first step to a constant relationship is being truthful and honest about yourself, you don’t need to lie or make up stories of what you are not just to get into a relationship. (There’s a saying “when you tell 1 lie you cover it up with more than 79 more lies) no one needs the stress.

#5. 1st impression: know how to deliver your lines when you first meet a girl, 1st impression really does matter when you meet a girl, don’t come out all rude or over confident (real to always be real). {Read: How to get a girl to Like you: The 11 rule}

#6. Talk more to her friends: this actually doesn’t have to be the case, but sometimes you need to go through her friends to get her. Most girls will talk about their suitors to their friends before making any decision.

#7. Boss: firstly, no one should get into a relationship if you find it difficult to fend for just yourself talk less of two people, plus no girl will want to get into a relationship with a broke person, not just broke but someone who has no plans to stop being broke (make sure you make something of yourself before asking a girl out to avoid embarrassment).

#8. Don’t be a creep: meeting a girl sometimes doesn’t happen through direct contact. It could be online, acting like a creep should not be on the list of things you do. (Some men don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl) saying you got her number from a Google or other awkward source is creepy and not needed.

#9. Care: showing a girl how much you care for her is one of the top best ways to win her heart over, every girl wants to be loved and know she matters so much to someone who knows her worth and appreciates her for who she is and not just for her physical appearance.

#10. Eye contacts: making direct eye contact is one other way to communicate mentally with a female. Eye contacts actually does help in various ways to capture a woman’s heart and increases the chances of getting into a relationship (the eye is said to be the window into ones soul. Steady eye contacts proves your confidence, in most cases it’ll be preferable if you accompany it with a smile.{Checkout: 4 ways to start a conversation with a girl}

#11. Be attentive: every girl wants her man to be her best-friend, in other words someone she can freely tell anything and everything without a second thought or doubt. She will be this free with you if she knows you pay attention to whatever she tell you and knows you have her best interest in heart.

#12. Be funny: most females are attracted to funny males and sometimes consider them as the best type of partner to have, no girl wants to get herself into a boring relationship.



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