13 Signs a guy likes you; Tell If a Boy Likes You Quiz

How do you read signs a Guy likes you? How do you tell if a boy is really into you?
You might be having so much crush on a particular guy and clearly be ignorant that the feeling is mutual. Signs like this are clearly readable, and there are certain ways a girl like you can find out if exactly a guy likes you.
I’ll be dividing this into a few steps, categorizing the signs he would show:

1. Examine the Guy’s body language: Body language speaks a lot when it comes to knowing a guy that is either into you or wants to date you. You should observe the eye contact he makes with you, the way he leans toward you, and his sitting position etc. Body languages really speaks interest. If he does like you, you would clearly see it in his body language which means the way he acts around you.

2. Check for signs of nervousness anytime he is around you: Signs such as unnecessary laughter, deep breaths, sweaty palms, fidgeting, and looking away from you when you notice him staring at you, are signs of attraction and interests that he might be showing towards you. If the guy is anxious about the way he makes an impression on you, cares about your opinion and would constantly try and get your attention, he is so into you.

3. Recognize any compliments that comes your way: If you wear a nice hair or makeup and he notices that and appreciate your look. This is a good sign that he likes you. Most guys won’t bother to compliment you except they’re fully absorbed in you.
4. Notice the way he treats you: If he’s so much interested in you, he may start acting as a gentleman such as moving his seat closer to yours, placing his arm around the back of your seat or wearing you his jacket when you are feeling cold.

*NB: Some guys flirt a lot.

You must learn to observe his action whether he’s a play boy that wants to get in between your legs or he does all these out of genuine interest.

5. Observe his interest by using touch: Touch is a key sign of interest that will help you develop a relationship. The Element of romantic touches and gestures are one of the easy tricks to knowing a girl likes you. He is fond of trying to hold your hand, playing with your hair, using his legs to brush yours or rather trying to make body contact often. If you aren’t sure about his interest with touch, try also to touch him to see the kind of response you will get.

6. If he loves texting you: When a guy is online, there are numerous things that are competing for his time such as games, his mates and checking out other sites etc. If then he really takes time out of his numerous options to surf the web and often texts you, then this might be a sign of genuine interest in you as he might have grown so fond of you.

7. Pay attention to his teasing: If a guy teases you in a friendly and playful manner, it could signal his interest. Mostly, he is doing this to draw your attention towards him. Some guys are fond of making fun of the girl they have a crush on in playful ways. Not all guys though, but some show interest this way.

8. Check to see if he has developed a habit of turning up where you happen to be suddenly. If he turns up at certain places at a certain time of the day where you don’t expect to see him, it might be that he’s taken to consciously “finding” occasions to bump into you. If this keeps happening in a short duration of time, it’s probably no fluke but an intensive effort to see you as much as possible.

9. He finds it hard to tell you a “NO”: When he does you favors and finds it hard to tell you a “NO” even when what you are asking for is completely out of line and a difficult task to accomplish, this might be a strong signal that he is so into you

10. He like punching your arms playfully: A guy may hit you playfully just to touch you without making it so obvious for you to know his intention. If he observes that you don’t move away too much from him when he hits you, he might have the boldness to touch you in a gentle way.

11. He Listens to YOU: When a guy has the habit of making time out of his business schedule to listen to your problems and downtime and also put in effort to help you solve them. He likes you.

12. Pay attention to the guy’s friends: If his friend knows that he has interest in you, they might slightly tease him when you’re around. They are dropping this as a hint to you that he has interest in you, or try to know whether he likes you. Sometimes you have to checkmate his friend’s action.

13. Being receptive to his signals: Though after knowing all these, being receptive to his signal is totally your choice, If he ends up showing sincere interest in you (for instance, he smiles at you always whenever the two of you bump into each other or says hello to you in a friendly and polite manner).

If you’ve decided within yourself already that this guy possesses the kind of personalities and characters that you want and have an interest in. Don’t allow it take too long before looking for an opportunity for the both of you to meet together and decide to build that interest. Cos taking too much time could ruin interest.

On the other hand, if you feel the guy is not your type or you’ve decided to change your mind not to flirt with him again or taking it further. You need to be honest with yourself and let the guy know that you’re pleased but you’re not available for him.

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