The funny truth is “every guy wants to be every girl’s dream”, it’s just the way we programmed. We want to be the catch! We want to be the center of attraction when we walk in to a room full of girls! It’s the dream. We want to be the exact description of every girl’s dream guy.

As simple as attaining this dream may be, I’ll say it comes with some very advanced tips in which I have laid out of twenty of which I guarantee would be of help.

  1. Choose your Style: Some say “dress the way you want to be addressed” I’ll say “Choose your style”. To be every girl’s dream, you want to be known for class, style and elegance no matter how simple you dress. Find that unique style that best fits and suites you, and look super good in it.
  2. Keep it up. You don’t want to just choose and leave. Keep up with trends in your suited style. This send signals of you not just being in vogue but exclusively stylish and classy.
  3. Update your lines: At this point, you don’t want to start approaching ladies with tacky pickup lines, it’s just get sad. As I said, being every girls dream isn’t as simple as it seem, you have to really keep your lines up to date. Find pickup lines that doesn’t make you sound like a jerk, but a gentleman. Find pickup lines that’ll make the girl feel appreciated not cheap. You can check out this article I have made on 14 pickup lines she definitely can’t resist and see if it’ll help out.

  4. Kill Desperation: Desperation as I would say is the enemy of precision, accurate thinking. When you are desperate, you do things without thinking of the effects of what you actions are. To be every girl’s dream, desperation isn’t good for business.


  1. Give your Confidence an Upper Hand: The problem with most guys when it comes to confidence is they kill their courage. They feed fear which isn’t supposed to be. They most times make a big deal of what isn’t. Confidence is self-courage which has a lot to do with how you view yourself. You should always know girls aren’t aliens, they don’t come from Jupiter and they’ll always want a nice guy to walk up to them even though some may act as if they don’t. To be every girl’s dream, you have to feed your courage not fear in every situation cos as a matter of fact every girl likes a confident guy.


  1. Classic Charisma: Your charisma really plays a vital role in your ability to attract and impress people. By Classy charisma, I mean being classy in the way you do things; the way you talk, walk, think and a lot more. I’ll say it’s generally the way you carry yourself and by the word “carry” I mean the way you present and express yourself as you.
  2. Have your Life: Every girl craves a man with his own life. By his own life I mean a man that has his shit together. Find interest in what you love doing and create an awesome life for yourself. A girl would definitely get scared of getting herself attached to a guy who hasn’t got his shit together.

  1. Take up the “NO” with Confidence: There is no big deal in getting a “No” for an answer. Most guys back up on their plans to approach a lady simply because of their fear of a “No”. Keep your cool if she says no, smile and respond gracefully by saying, “No problem! Maybe another time.” Change the conversation to something else or leave if you’d rather not hang around. Act as if you don’t need her, because that sometimes will pique the interest of a girl.

Never make the mistake of not trying to approach a girl simply because you are afraid of a no. You’ll never even know what it’ll turn out to be if you don’t try. You can check out my article on How to approach a girl for the first time for more insight on this.

  1. Be a Gentleman: No girl wants to be with a jerk, being a perfect gentleman would do. Help her with her bills at the mall, offer to give her a ride, and compliment her dressing. Be polite, humble and mind her boundary then you’ll see she’ll definitely become inquisitive to know you more.
  2. Love yourself: Be proud of who you are and also very confident of yourself. Girls don’t expect you to change. They love you whether you’re tall, short, large, skinny etc. and that’s the more reason you should be yourself. Let them love you for who you are and not who you are pretending to be.

Don’t be afraid. Not every girl wants a stereotypical, masculine guy and by that I mean guys with big muscles, a six- pack, they more or less prefer guys that are naturally looking. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the gym a little.

  1. Play Cool: Keep things casual and fun at first. Don’t always rush, observe her environment, get to know what she likes and try deducing what kind of girl she is. This would help you choose your step of approach.
  2. Learn to take control: Girls love guys that can take control of the moment and carry everyone along.
  3. A Spice of Humor: Girls find it fun to be with guys that are funny. Telling jokes and funny stories may not be the only way to make a person laugh, be bold and think of some antics to make her laugh, like clowning around. Don’t be afraid to have fun; watch funny films together, fight with pillows, play video games together. Let every minute she spends with you be full of fun and laughter.
  4. Update your Game: Be unpredictable! Don’t let her be able to predict your game, where it’s coming from or how it’s going to end. Be mysterious in a good way and she’ll always find fun in it.
  5. Hopeless Romantic: The touch of romance can take you a long way. Master the craft of romance and how well to use it. Learn to say and act romance, make her blush and feel special.
  6. Sensitivity: Pay attention to details! Know when she is giving you signals for flirting. Every girl dreams of a sensitive guy, because he automatically know when she needs it. By “It” I mean probably a kiss, a nice hug, cuddle or even a compliment.

By being sensitive you are able to connect with her on a deeper level, paying close attention to her emotions to know what she wants and the best time to give it.

  1. Always create a Story: Take hold of the moment, be fun to be with. As I said before don’t be afraid to have fun; watch funny films together, fight with pillows, play video games together. Let every minute she spends with you be full of fun and laughter.
  2. Leave your mark: Leave memories she would always cherish and desire.
  3. A Good Kisser: Being a great kisser makes a dream attribute. This is a whole topic on its own and I’m sorry I might not be able to expatiate more in this article, but I have created an article on 12 tips to kissing like a total pro. I’m sure this should help.

  4. Being Crazy in Bed: Explore new sides and ideas. To fully get to be every girl’s dream you have to be great in bed. Take time to understand her body, learn to foreplay and explore new positions.

Carefully study and follow this tips and you are on your way to being every girl’s dream.

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