Love is a very beautiful thingy. It can be painful, sweet and awful at times. Love is the most expensive and the fastest thing that happens in everyone’s life. We exist to love and to be loved. Here are 30 facts about love you might not know;

    1. Love warms up your body
    2. It takes just 4 minutes to decide if you like someone or not
    3. If a man or women meet themselves in a risky or dangerous setting, they tend to fall in love with each other than if they meet in a normal setting.
    4. When two people that are in love stare into their eyes, their heart rate synchronizes
    5. Love causes people to be obsessed with each other.
    6. When you hold hands with the one you love, it reduces physical pain, fear and stress
    7.  Falling in love has nearly the same neurological effects as a hard drug high
    8. When two strangers of opposite sex look into each other’s eyes, maintain eye contact and talk to each other, they can fall in love
  1. Guys who kiss their partners in the morning, lives up to 5 years longer than guys who don’t.[you might like 25 men actions that means he loves you]
  2. When you cuddle, it triggers same neurological reaction as taking painkillers
  3. Discovery lets us know that falling in love increases the level of a hormone that boosts memory fuelling the growth of new brain cells
  4. Looking at a picture of your important romantic interest can reduce physical pain
  5. According to research, when people kiss, they have a high tendency of tilting their heads to the right more than left
  6. People get attracted more to those they share an extent of attractiveness with
  7. Research has shown that couples that are too similar or too different have the tendency of not lasting very long
  8. There is no much difference with people in love and people with obsessive-compulsive disorder
  9. Couples at the beginning of a romantic relationship will definitely be different a year after cause romantic relationship ends at a point
  10. Heartbreak is not just a word people use. Bad life events can cause real pains in the area of the heart
  11. For long term relationships, an attractive face is preferred over an attractive body. [read 20 sweetest things to do for your girlfriend]
  12. Just like hunger and sex, the urge to fall in love is biological and primitive
  13. Literally, love can make you crazy
  14. It is needed for love to be blind for survival
  15. Research shows that humans tend to fall in love with somebody that looks like ourselves
  16. The love between a mother and a child and romantic love ration a similar chemical connection
  17. This is a funny one… Your nerve cells works better during the first year of love

One thing I know for sure is you’ve learnt from this article. I’m off to go have some fun… Bye




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