25 Men Actions that Means ‘I love you’

Most Ladies have a misunderstanding about Men actions that mean I love you. If a guy loves he’ll show it most especially in actions. Here are tips on men actions that men I love you.

#1. He makes you a priority and finds it hard to let you down: If a Guy really loves you, He’ll make you a top priority in his life, you wouldn’t need to fight for that. {You might like: 12 irresistible ways to ask a girl out}

#2. He’s always checking on you: He is always checking on you cos he believes you deserve his attention

#3. He makes eye contact: He makes really strong gazes and makes eye contact every once in a while. Sometimes after which he smiles.

#4. He listens to you: A true lover is a good listener. He’ll always want to be updated about your daily activities, find out how your day went and so much more.

#5. He pays a closer attention to what you like: cos he’ll always want to know more about you than anyone else and have the feeling he can impress you cos he knows what you like.

#6. Loves to impress and please you: Cos he doesn’t want you to get jealous of your female friends (this is a common thing in most females). He also wants you to have the impression of him being the perfect guy. {Read: 14 Insanely things to do for your boyfriend}

#7. Gets a bit jealous of you and other guy friends: No one wants to share their most valuable treasure

#8. He calls and Texts you often: All these just to remind you he cares and always thinks about you.

#9. He loves to be helpful: He wouldn’t want you to overstress yourself

#10. He plays with your hair: There is a saying that “a woman’s beauty is her hair”. He knows to him you are beautiful, playing with your hair makes him feel it.

#11. He often buys you stuffs: Not just to bribe you, but to show how much he values having you (even though bribery might be the case most times)

#12. He smiles and laughs a lot when you around: Cos in reality you bring him joy

#13. He makes body contact: Touching you, holds you hand, prefers to most times to hug you when he sees you. It gives him a feeling of intimacy cos he fears losing you

#14. He understands you: A good lover is one who understands and is ready to compromise for their partner.

#15. He never judges you: Cos he knows you are not perfect and neither is he. To everybody that really loves you, no matter your flaws, you seem perfect.

#16. He loves to be around: Cos your presence is required to complete his joy

#17. He shows care and attention: Cos you need it, the first and beginning step to a woman’s heart is by showing care and attention

#18. He shows you off: Cos he acknowledges your worth and is proud to show the world his achievement

#19. He talks less about his female friends: Cos he doesn’t want to give you any thought of doubt (though the act is needed to keep the relationship lively and without secrets)

#20. He wants the best for you: Every honest lover wants the best for partner a.k.a someone they want to spend the rest of their life with.

#21. He tickles you: If a guy is really interested in you he tickles cos he loves the fun in making you laugh and happy.

#22. He gives you a pet name: A guy that loves you would want to have you more like customized to him, so he does that by giving you a pet name. {Read: How to get a bigger butt: The secrets}

#23. He takes you out on more than 1 date: A guy that is really interested in you wouldn’t stop at a first date, he’ll be interested in the second and more.

#24. He smiles at you after a kiss: If a guy likes you, he smiles after kissing you. He feels the passion, it runs down his spine. The smile that comes as a result of the mixture of excitement plus the fact he’ll be interested in more.

#25. He prefers long and passionate kisses: He wants to feel the passion, he is interested in it. He really prefers long and passionate kisses.

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