3 Grand Keys Every Girl Wants out of a Relationship

Couple of years back, I got into my first relationship. Uh well, it was something I actually got into out of the fact that I just wanted to be in one. You know that feeling when you feel your friends are getting girlfriends and you should as well try it out.
For my first relationship, I didn’t care as much as I was just in it for the petty feeling of peer pressure. At that time, I didn’t care much to what my girlfriend felt or cared about, I didn’t even know what she wanted. Few months after, we broke up. I didn’t even realize what it was to be a boyfriend talk less of being a good boyfriend until I met someone I really liked and was ready to get serious with months after. Being in love already, from absolutely no experience, I had to learn in the hard way what it meant to make a girl happy, feel loved and special. Overcoming all these, I got to understand that what every girlfriend wants could be broken down into three main parts.

The Crown, The Love, Care, Affection and The Romance.

When a girl falls in love with you and says “YES” to your question of her being your girlfriend, the first thing she wants is “The Crown”, by “The Crown” I mean the feeling of being your woman. Uhmm…Let me say that the Crown is in some way different from Love and Affection, as it is the respect of her being your woman, your queen and the act of treating her like one.
Giving her the Crown is the process of beautifully treating your girlfriend like your woman. Giving her the Crown, you want to be able to show her off to friends, open the door for her like a gentleman, publicly display affection, and give her your time and attention when she needs it, these also includes so much more.
Many boyfriend makes this mistake, they feel that the fact they have shown her love and care that would be all. The truth is love and care would only make your girlfriend feel loved and cared for, but giving her the crown would make her feel special and super lucky for having you as her boyfriend. To your advantage, this feeling would make her see you as rare and different, trust me! That is a priceless view she would always adore and never want to lose.
After concluding giving her the Crown and getting to treat her like a Queen. Then Love, Care and Affection comes in. #Smiles…. You might be asking yourself right now that “what exactly is the difference?” Well, the Crown can be likened to the shallow stuffs, the petty act of making your girlfriend feel important. This are simple stuffs like compliments, public display of affection, showing her off, getting the door for her and so on. This stuffs are emotionally shallow but still very important, but the Love, Care and Affection are the deep emotional connections between you and your girlfriend.

Let me help you understand! A guy that plays girls has the Crown game on to an extent, he makes the girl feel so important he is able to get anything from her but he never connects with her on a deep level. Being a perfect boyfriend is the ability to have the Crown game and deep emotionally game on, both really tight and in the right mix.
Love, Care and Affection are three different words with different meanings, though each definition is quite similar in a way. Love, Care and Affection have one main thing in common which is the deep emotional availability and connectivity. This “deep emotionally availability and connectivity” is the second thing every girlfriend craves for. As a perfect boyfriend you want to be able to deeply Love, Care for and show Affection towards your girlfriend at every time because she needs this from you even though she isn’t telling you. Every girlfriend needs her boyfriend to emotionally available, every girlfriend wants to have a deep emotional connection with her boyfriend.
The Romance is the last main thing every girlfriend wants. To me, the romance is divided into two main part; the “classy” and the “erotic”. Being a perfect boyfriend means being good at this two types of romance. The simple type of romance is what is popularly referred as “being romantic” as it is the process in which love and affection is being expressed on let’s say a day-to-day basis while the erotic romance is what is popularly referred as being “good in bed” as it is the ability to have awesome sex with your girlfriend.
You should always keep in mind these three main part as a your girlfriend might not spill it all with her mouth as it is up to you to actually know and act on these points.

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