Now, this is where the issue lies for most girlfriends. Every guy expects that on their birthdays, they should get a very cool birthday gift from their girlfriends but the question is what do you get for your boyfriend? Well, you can be rest assured that you have no problem cos we have prepared the best ideas from our list.
1. An Best Boyfriend Hoodie
2. A Framed Drawing of him
3. Something Handmade
4. Headphone
You have a boyfriend that is a music lover? This would be a very nice birthday present. Getting it for him is only going to make him love you more cause anytime he listens to music with the headphone, he remembers you.
5. Perfumes
Your boyfriend should smell nice at all time. Gifting him with perfume is not a bad idea, in fact, it is a great idea. There is a “but”, be careful of the perfume you get for him. Avoid getting the one with a conc and chocking smell.
6. A customized pillow
Almost everybody or everybody sleeps with pillow. So giving him a customized pillow is not a bad thing instead it is really good (I’m for real). Anytime he goes to sleep or wakes up, the memory of when you gifted him with the pillow comes and that makes him remember his birthday. This gift is a never-to-be-forgotten present.

7. A Mobile Phone
8. A particular Play Station Game he has been willing to play
9. Make him a short film. Adding videos and pictures of your time together with a romantic song
10. Cook his favourite meal
11. Make him a Cake with “Best Boo” on it
12. A photo wallpaper of him
13. A surprise birthday party
14. A framed painting of him
15. DIY love book
Making a love book is a very great idea. This book should entail the following;
• Lots of personal moment pictures
• Written notes
• Personal stuffs
• Reason why you love him
• Personal priceless moments
• The things that came to your mind when you first met him that he doesn’t know, and the list can go on and on.

The reason for you making this book is for him to realise how much you love him. You have the chance to pour out your mind and express your love for him and be creative.
16. Find the gift
If you’ve ever played treasure hunt then you know what I’m talking about. I’m supposing you already know what I wanna say but if you don’t know, I’ll tell you how it works. It’s a game where different clues are hidden in different places and someone has to find the clue one after the other to get the treasure. So instead of hiding normal things you can hide the gifts you want to give him and let him feel the excitement to reach the gifts.
17. Travel bag
You can get your boyfriend that travels a lot maybe because of his job or any reason a stylish and trending travelling bag would be a fabulous option for him on his birthday. It won’t just be for packing his load but also showing off his style.
18. An Hand Written Birthday Card
19. A wristwatch
20. Get the two of you a Couple Necklace
21. A Love Face Cap
22. A Bracelet
23. Take him out
24. A Nice Foot wear
25. A Backpack
26. A Laptop Skin
27. A Mobile Phone Case
28. Yourself
I know you must have given him different gifts, but have you thought of completely giving him yourself? Say something romantic or naughty like “today is your birthday and I’ve got the biggest gift for you, me” just something like that.
29. Great time in bed
30. “Best boyfriend in the world” T-shirt
This T-shirt might be kinda over dramatic but it is an amazing and inexpensive gift to give to him. He would really appreciate it.
31. Exotic foods
There’s a popular saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his mouth”. Since it’s his birthday, reach his heart by preparing all of his favourite food. To surprise him, try some foreign and new recipe.
32. A hot massage
You can take your romance to the next level to make things more interesting or if you can’t (maybe you just started the relationship and you trying to take things slow), a simple hot massage will do. So if you’ve never given him this is your chance to make his birthday a day to remember. For preparation, you can get oil for hot massage. You can also see some tutorials for hot massage.
33. A special gift
This is your chance to explore. This is more or less like a “from my heart” gift. Don’t worry, this is not going to be difficult for you, what you just need to do is to think and to be creative. He’s really going to like and appreciate it.
34. A Guitar
If your boyfriend is a music lover or a guitar player, getting him a guitar on his birthday would really go a long way. You can also add to it too by buying guitar picks with the “I pick u” writing on it… so romantic.
35. PlayStation 4
Buying a PlayStation 4 for your boyfriend on his birthday is one of the coolest birthday present for him (that’s if he’s a game lover). If my girlfriend gets me a playstation 4 on my birthday, I’ll be the happiest guy in the world. This gift is out of the blue and fun.
36. be the guy for that day
Something you can do again is to be guy for that day. Let me explain what I mean; get him anything he wants. Anywhere u guys go to, you pay his bills, handle any issue that on a normal day he handles.
37. Romantic surprise gift basket
If spending the whole day with him, then this is a gift will bring all the romance, love and naughtiness you need to make his birthday a memorable one. This basket should contain anything you think will get your romance to the peak.
38. A Custom Hand Band
39. A Unique Pair of Socks
40. Hair Products
41. Skin Products
42. A Book you know he would love
43. A Novel you know he would love
44. A Diary
45. A Coffee Mug
46. A Customized an expensive pen
47. A Customized Plate
48. A Musical Instrument You know he would love
49. A Gadget you know he would love

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