A relationship consists of some basic attributes that makes it stand and firm. In this article are six of those attributes and essentials needed to build a firm relationship.

Love-Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Love is the most important foundation of a firm relationship. Without love in a relationship, no other foundation can make a relationship stand firmly for a long time.  Everything steps taken in a relationship with true and sincerely love present, builds it. For example sex, sex in a relationship without sincere love is a waste of time, it is called lust and only destroys a relationship but when love I mean “true love” is present. It draws each partner together in an exceptional manner. They begin to share something special in common.

Trust – Trust is confidence in or reliance on your partner and your partner’s reliance on you. Trust is an essential foundation for a firm relationship.

Fun– Fun is an essential attribute of a working relationship. A fun relationship brings happiness to each partner. Most relationship suffers from lack of fun which is causing a lot of relationship breakups and crashes these days. Having fun in a relationship renews the love that exist, makes everything feel all brand new.

Commitment– when we talk about commitment, we mean the ability to stick to your partner, your relationship.  Cheating in a relationship is just a result from lack of commitment. So the presence of commitment automatically means sincerity.

Sacrifice– If a partner in a relationship cannot make sacrifices for the other partner or their relationship, and then the relationship cannot stand for a long time. A major attribute of a firm relationship is the ability to make sacrifices for yourself, your partner and your relationship as a whole.

Confiding in each other– For a relationship to stand, the ability for partners to able to confide in each other is very important. The lack of this attribute has causes many break-ups. You should understand that you are in a mutual relationship together; feel free to share pains, successes, secrets and so on…..


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