Man seeking woman is a never-ending and everlasting saga that has been providing us with some amazing and inspiring stories since the dawn of time. During these love quests, men are capable of doing extraordinary things and making ridiculous mistakes as well. However, it takes two to tango, and women are also capable of making some huge mistakes that make it difficult to love them. It’s rather hard to pick out only one mistake, so we decided to choose three biggest mistakes women make that push guys away. Take notes, gals, this may help you in your future romantic adventures.

  • Women Tend To Overanalyze Things

This is definitely one of the most common mistakes women make when dating men. Guys are pretty simple and straightforward creatures, they say what’s on their minds without any hidden agendas. Sometimes, they say something stupid and it doesn’t mean anything, but women usually can’t get over certain details. Ladies always try to find some deeper meaning and this behavior leads them straight to overthinking, and that’s where problems occur. When a woman dates someone new, it’s hard for her not to overanalyze because she doesn’t know what to expect and she’s afraid of being hurt. It’s some sort of a defense mechanism and it’s perfectly normal, but it can do more harm than good to a new relationship. Guys like to keep things smooth, casual and relaxed at the beginning, so the worst possible thing a woman can do is to overthink boyfriend’s actions and words right from the start.

  • Some Women Don’t Appreciate The Things Men Do For Them

The relationship is a two-ways street and if you want to create a successful one you need to reciprocate or at least appreciate what your man does for you. Typically, men don’t want big gifts in return, but some small token of appreciation won’t do any harm. Some men also tend to have trust issues, so don’t be frigid and ungrateful because your boyfriend might think you’re only using him for gifts and other similar material benefits. If a man senses this kind of behavior, he’ll run like hell, trust us. Make sure to show some gratitude and surprise him with a thoughtful gift every once in a while.

  • Don’t Try To Change Your Man!

This is, without a doubt, among the most common and most dangerous mistakes women make while they’re in a relationship. Men don’t like being pressured, so you need to accept your man just the way he is, or he’ll walk away from you the moment he figures out you’re trying to change him. Don’t try to alter his behavior in public, his style. He will freak out and leave you in no time. Women sometimes have the compulsive need to change their partners because they want a “perfect companion”. No one is perfect, remember? So you better learn to accept him with all those “flaws”, because that’s the real deal, anything else is just an illusion.

There you go people, these are some of the biggest and the most common mistakes women make while dating. We honestly hope this list will help all the single ladies out there who are having trouble maintaining a relationship. Good luck.

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