How to Get Out of the Friend Zone - 9 Steps to Get from Friend to Boyfriend/Girlfriend

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone – 9 Steps to Get from Friend/Best Friend to Boyfriend/Girlfriend
As seen by all, the friend zone is a very bad zone to be in, a zone where your crush, the very one you admire turns down your request to be their lover just to place you in a zone to be treated as a friend, making you the shoulder he/she cries on while other lovers comes and go.
Truly, the friend-zone is a bad zone to be in when exactly you really like someone, but you should as well know that it is fixable. Doctor Date has put together this article to help you analyze the main reason you are being friend-zoned and an easy escape plan to fix the situation duly.
If you might ask;

What gets you friendzoned?
– You try too hard: True love happens organically, you cannot push it, and still you cannot buy it. The element of “like” or “love” has to spring up organically from the second person so most times when you try too hard to show your affection and your admirer is not really feeling the same way but acknowledges your effort, the element of “PITY” is created. This element of pity therefore causes your crush to subconsciously feel like you have done a lot for them, and since they can’t give you what you are asking for, the friend-zone would be the next option. To be clear, the “friend-zone” is mostly a subconscious action, meaning your crush might not be aware they are keeping you in that zone.

– He/she doesn’t see you as dateable: Most times, people get friendzoned cause their crush might not seem to see them as fit to be dated, It might be because you don’t meet up with their dating speculations, mostly height requirement, lack of a good dress sense, most times it always end to the point of you not being presentable to their friends or family.

– You are not presentable: I cannot emphasis this enough. Most times being friendzoned just balls down to the fact that you are not presentable for whatever reason your crush might see. You should know that he/she would always ask the question “What would people think?”
– Not romantically & sexually attractive: You might not be making yourself romantically or sexually attractive to them. You have to understand that to date someone, you have to be able to imagine yourself with them romantically and sexually. How would you date someone you can’t imagine kissing? So you might be friendzoned right now just because your crush thinks you are not sexually attractive.

– Sometimes, you don’t make your intentions clear: Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding of you not making your intentions clear enough.
Hope is not lost as all these and more are very fixable, you just have to get your head straight and understand what you are doing.
Quit acting blindly. It not all about showing someone you love them, how exactly you express that feeling also matters.
Being in the Friend-zone means you have messed up BIG TIME so If you are really willing to get off that zone, you as well want to take the points below seriously:
– Step up your game: If you are really willing to get off the friend-zone, you have to be so ready to step-up your game. This is to aim at making your crush see you as being far better than before. Doing this you have to step up your looks, your dress sense, the way you smell and the way you carry yourself. Change the way you look, think and behave. Get a soothing haircut/hairdo, get nice looking cloths and killing perfumes. Quit looking like a pile of desperation and frustration and let your crush know you’ve got it you. Become more of a challenge and make your crush work for it.
– Care less: One of the main reason you are in the friend-zone is you show that you care too much and that might be why he/she is taking you for granted. Act like you don’t care about his/her relationship with other people and also quit showing signs of jealousy as this a quick turnoff. Throw in a care free attitude and see the magic!
– Don’t be always available: Your crush would never know the value of your time and attention if you’re too available. Your feelings for him/her would always make and want you to be eager to please your crush, but you have to understand that holding back on pleasing them would get you off the friend-zone. Stop calling and texting them so much. Try as much as possible to keep your distance a bit.

– The Spike of jealousy: Your crush might not know your value, so putting in a spike of jealousy would get them thinking. Find a guy/girl that is way hotter and sexier than your crush and start to get close to him/her. Be sure to also rub it in your crushes’ face as these would put the word that you are better off than they thought of you. Allow him/her to miss your time with them.

– Clear out your intention: In case you might not have stated your intentions clearly, you would surely need to tell him/her how you feel and the fact that you are not ready to settle for anything less.

– Stop being Gushy: Stop all the sweet compliments and you being so nice. Be more natural, don’t be afraid to call him/her “big head” and tell him/her a dress makes him/her look fat or make fun of them when it’s needed. He/She would a lot likely fall in love with the natural you than the super nice and caring you.

– Stop Spending for him/her: Avoid being used. Slow down the seasonal spending. You have to understand that Love can’t be bought.

– Don’t try to be “Superman”: Let her handle her own problems, don’t try to be “Superman” or “Wonder woman” always wanting to be the hero of his/her situations.

– Start saying No: Don’t let him/her getting a favour from you be like a piece of cake, it wouldn’t be appreciated. Start saying “No” to what you can’t pull through and favors you cannot fulfill.

The friend-zone is an easily avoidable area, you just have seat and check the points above for areas you might have lacked in and fix them.

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