Good sex isn’t just about the to and fro, it’s also about the sexual aura and the vibes that both of you create around each other. If both of you feel sexy and passionate, the sex is almost always going to be awesome! To have a good time in bed, you need to arouse your partner and yourself every time you’re getting ready to jump the bed. You need to feel comfortable with the act, your partner has to be aroused by you, and you need to be aroused by your partner.  Here are a few things you can do in bed to make your partner climax better and make your ego feel a lot better too!

# Sex is natural and so is your body

Sex is natural and not something you need to feel uncomfortable about. Most of us are constantly reminded throughout our childhood that sex is a bad thing. But now that you’re all grown up, you need to get over all the negativity you have about sex. Sex is a natural and exciting act that’s meant to be enjoyed.

Sex is something that can get better with time, just as long as you’re willing to give it enough time and attention to understand what works and what doesn’t, just like counting calories when it comes to nutritious food. To be good in bed, you need to learn more about sex, your body and the body of the opposite sex. Take time to understand what works and what doesn’t and use it to your benefit. When you’re confident about what you’re doing in bed, you’re definitely going to be great at it too. {You might like: How to ask your girlfriend for sex}


# Listen to what she likes

There are two things you need to remember when refining your bedroom skills that will eventually turn you into a master. The first is that you must keep learning and be willing to try new things all the time, to keep sex interesting.  The second is, you HAVE to listen to what she wants/likes/dislikes etc. If you’re not interested in listening to her needs then you won’t be satisfying her 100%.

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# Look good in bed

Wear your best nightwear when you get into bed. It’s easier to wear an old tee shirt and frayed pants, but that’s never going to create the same impact as sexy negligee, would it? Dress in comfortable lingerie or boxers that enhance your sexiness and make you look good. Arousal starts with the eyes, so work on your magic by looking good for your partner. And always remember this, the better you look when you’re on the verge of having sex, the better the sex will be!

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# Feel sexy and attractive

Do you like your own body enough to let your hands linger on yourself now and then? When you like the way you look and feel sexy from within, you’d enjoy yourself a lot more when you’re having sex, and so will your partner. Lovemaking involves two people, so when you feel uncomfortable or awkward about your own body, your partner wouldn’t feel excited too. People don’t have bad sex because they can’t get wet or get an erection. They have bad sex when the sexual vibes don’t feel right. If you feel sexy and attractive, you’d enjoy the fact that someone else can get to see the sexy you! {Read: The act of being romantic}

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# Indulge in good foreplay

Women love foreplay, men don’t really care much about it. But that doesn’t mean you or your partner should compromise just to satisfy each other. You should understand that sex isn’t about compromising. It’s about indulging in something that’ll excite both of you.   If you’re the woman, dress up for sex or put on some sexy lingerie. Your man will obviously take his time undressing you, especially when you look so good in what you’re wearing. And as his hands and lips trace your lingerie, he’s going to spend a while teasing your body and running his hands all over. At other times, play an adult movie that stretches for more than twenty minutes. Slip your clothes off and cuddle up while watching it in bed. Within a few minutes, before either of you realize it, you’ll be indulging in foreplay and watching a great turn on movie at the same time!

He likes it, she likes it, and everybody likes it! Who says foreplay has to be compromised to satisfy a partner. Always look for ways to create happy experiences, instead of settling for a compromise. {Read: How to romance and arouse a girl}

use oral first


# Always use oral first

This is a side note to foreplay, but a major part of it. Understanding how to perform oral sex on a girl is essential and goes without saying.

Guys who don’t go down on their women aren’t pleasuring them to fullest extent (unless the girl really doesn’t like oral sex which is highly unusual or he’s convinced her it’s not that good). Think of oral sex like a dimmer switch… you don’t flick to sex just like that, from hot to cold. You warm her up first, by getting her wet and mentally excited. Slowly turning up the heat until you eventually penetrate and all hell breaks loose!

# Get inside her head

Women are very big fantasists, which is why “clitlit” is so popular these days and as a genre of books has exploded due to the release of the Kindle.

So you need to get her thinking about how good sex will be before you even have her in bed. Text her dirty messages saying how much you can’t wait to touch her “special spot” when she comes over later or what new tricks you want to try out on her.


# Increase your stamina

Lastly, you have to work on. It’s great knowing all the tricks and oral skills, but if you can’t last more than 3 minutes then you’re going to be a major let down. Oh and when she says that she wouldn’t tell anyone… she will, all her friends know about it. So make it a top priority issue to take care of!




# Explore your sexual side

If you want to know how to be good in bed, start exploring your sexual side. Each time you feel like the sex is starting to get monotonous, try something new to spice it back up. There are so many things that couples do to keep the excitement up on a high, and each of them are as unique as the couple themselves. Always remember that nothing is ever wrong in bed as long as the people involved enjoy it. And you’ll never really know how good something is unless you try it. {Check out: Reading women’s body language for flirting}

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