How to air kiss

An air kiss, in which you brush cheeks and kiss the air near someone’s cheek, is a good display of social decorum.

√ Know when to air kiss. Consider both the occasion and the nature of your relationship with each person you greet.Observe how other people are acting.

√ Watching the greetings of others can help you gauge for whether or not an air kiss is appropriate. For example, if you’re approaching an entrance and the host is at the door greeting people, see how he or she is behaving. If your cousin, who’s in front of you, gets an air kiss, and you’re no closer to the host than your cousin is, then you’re probably going to be expected to give an air kiss.

√ Read the body language. As you approach, reach out with your hand, whether to touch or grasp your acquaintance’s upper arm, elbow, or hand(s). If they recoil or tighten up in any way, consider defaulting to a loose hug or shoulder pat instead. If they seem relaxed and return your contact, an air kiss is probably in order. And if they embrace you affectionately or touch your face, prepare to kiss and be kissed, traditional-style


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