How do you approach a girl for the first time? Approaching a girl for the first time might be quite challenging and difficult, but if you’re quite sensitive and understand personal boundaries, it’s a piece of cake. You just have to be respectful and follow these steps:

Be confidence – Being confidence is quite important when approaching a girl for the first time. All step involved is wrapped around confidence and courage. If you are the shy type, you’ll have to summon courage, feel free and relaxed and always remember that “Girls are humans too”

Make Eye contacts – Making eye contact is the first step you need to know when approaching a girl for the first time. It actually gives you the first go ahead, if you repeatedly make eye contact with her could indicate she’s interested in you to approach her. Three glances from a girl might signal she’s interested.

Check body language – To approach a girl on a first time, you have to be also sensitive to her body language and her expressions. Whether she’s frowning, in the mood to talk or not, bored, wants to be left alone etc. you have to also pay attention to how she reacts and what she says. If she’s interested, she would make that clear; eye contact, smiling, sometimes leaning closer.

Make Conversations out of comments or compliments – Making conversations out of comments or compliments might be quite easier. When approaching her or want to start a conversation with her, you can comment on something around you see she’s interested in, or compliment her and make a conversation out of it.

Be respectful – This is a very important part of approaching a girl for the first time. You have to respect her personality and respect yourself as well. If she’s not interested back off; always remember that different girls have different tastes of guys.

Understand personal boundaries – You should be sensitive to boundaries, be nice and not exceed  them; when she’s bored of your much talking, when she has somewhere to go and you’re keeping her waiting. If she seems interested and you’re still interested, you can talk for a while and have her phone number and continue the follow up later.


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