How to Ask for a Girl's Phone Number

Asking a girl for her phone number might be quite difficult but with the right tactics its easy.If you know a girl and she lives far away, it can be difficult to stay in touch. The best way is to ask for her phone number. Her body language when you ask her will usually tell you if she likes you or not, although some girls are tricky and when they get your number they don’t call or text you.

Be confident– Girls love guys that act confidently, summon courage and ask her.

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Be polite– When asking a girl for her phone number don’t be an jerk, girls hate douche-bags and proud guys. Learn to ask politely and friendly. Use the word ” may i ”  and not “can i” for girls you don’t know that well.

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Give her a reason– A girl would want to know the reason why you want her phone number even if she doesn’t say it directly. You can give her a reason like: (Name) It’s going to be hard to stay in touch, and if you want I’d like to call or text you sometimes. 

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If she says no, no biggie. Wait a week or two and then ask again. Don’t ask her why she said no, girls hate that. If it’s necessary, she’ll tell you.

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