How to Ask a Girl for Her Number- 25 Smooth, Sweet and Clever Pick Up Lines

Getting to ask a girl for her phone number can sometimes seem really scary, but this doesn’t have to be the case anymore has I have put up really smooth, sweet and clever pick-up lines that would it a lot easier to get a girl’s phone number. You should know girls are not from mars and the want you to ask them out. So fore go the fear and be a man. {Read: Best ways to walk up to a girl}

NB: When you eventually start a conversation it’s very important to make a good first impression, so in case you are interested in a second date, she’ll be happy to actually give you her phone number and jump at a second date…
Always make a good first impression to have a chance for an actual date;
– Be very polite; Don’t be rude, been polite and nice can make a good impression
– Keep steady eye contact; it shows your confidence level: Steady eye contact is very important, because it’s actually the best way to prove your confidence and to tell you, ladies love confidence!
– Don’t interrogate her person; avoid too much interrogation, instead make her talk. Ask for stories she would really want to talk about.
– Work on your smile
– Be audible but not loud; Avoid being too loud
– Ask for her phone number by asking her if you could give her a call.

Learn how to open a conversation with this k

ey strategies and end up collecting her phone number.

Opening a conversation with a compliment can really be a very good head start a conversation. The girl would have the first impression of you being nice and friendly. Always accompany each compliment with a question to strike up a conversation. Examples of openings lines triggered with compliments:
#1. Excuse Me, I really just have to tell you “you look so beautiful”, do you stay around?
#2. Wow! I really love your hair! Is it just me or it makes you look like an angel?
#3. I love the way you play, how long did it take you to be that professional? {For cases of being in a gaming arena, sport arena etc.}
#4. Hi, just needed to say your dress looks really good and the colour especially looks beautiful on you, is it your favorite colour?
#5. Where did you learn to dance that way? Wow! I guess I’ll have to learn from you.

Asking for a favour would also be a very nice head start for a conversation. Ask her for a simple favour. Examples of opening lines triggered with a favour;
#5. Oh! Can you help me with your pen, I really need to put something down? Do you live around here?
#6. Ask her to help you with a meal stating that your date refused to show up.
#7. Ask her if she would like to have a drink with you.
#8. Sorry can you help me with the time {accompany with a compliment} I love your watch! {Accompany with a question} e.g.: do you have an idea where “-” is located.

Helping a lady with something opens the ground for a conversation. To create a very good impression, you can accompany it with a simple nice compliments.
#9. Help pay for her bills {meal, stuff}
#10 .Help with her shopping cart
#10. Drop her off if she is in a hurry or going your way.

THE NEUTRAL GROUND (The “just out of curiosity ground”)
The main trick is to use an opening line based on an opening phrase “just out of curiosity” Then followed with a question. Examples:
#11. “Just out of curiosity”, do you think guys really look hot in skinny jeans?
#12. “Just out of curiosity”, do you think it’s cool if I get my mum a dress for her birthday?
#13. “Just out of curiosity”, do you think architects are hot?

THE CONVERSATION (The Open comment Rule)
The Main trick behind this rule is to come in when she makes an open comment. Example:
#14. Why would the government even allow this? Then you come in contributing to what she said. {Read: How to kiss a girl real good}

This applies to when you find her less busy mostly at a joint or bar. The main trick behind this trick is to either join her on her table or ask if she doesn’t mind to join you. It is easier to open this rule by offering to buy her a drink. This rule works most after a very nice compliment or asking her for a favour. Example:
14. What is it by your time? She answers and then you reply saying “Thank you, really nice of you. No saying no, Can I buy you a drink? #smiles, just as a means of appreciation”.

Always make sure that at the end or middle of any of your conversation you ask if you can give her a call. Make sure you summon courage and ask for her phone number.

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