How to make your boyfriend miss you

When you have to spend  some time apart from your boyfriend, you are likely to miss him and you would also want him to miss you, This article gives basic tactics on how to make your boyfriend miss you.

Leave a little piece of you with him– Sometimes to make your boy friend miss you, you have to leave a special piece of your self with him, it can be your ear ring, necklace, hair clip, anything that he sees and remember you……

images (1)Wear perfumes that have signature scent– the scent you wear when you with your boyfriend really matters when you are not around. when your perfume has a signature scent,  your boyfriend tends to remember you any time he perceives that scent from anywhere else….

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Understand the value of memorable comment– Leave memorable and sweet comments, tell your boyfriend interesting new facts about something fairly common to both of you……



Leave a little note– Leave a little romantic note before you leave whether in his car or apartment, this will make him miss you instantly when he sees it……

Leave-romantic-note_tips-romanticSend romantic messages– When you are apart, you might want to send romantic messages to him, it would remind him of you and why he enjoys spending time with you….



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