How to Plan a Date

When going on a date, make sure you have a plan in mind. It’s better to have a plan before time and prevent last minute planning. When taking someone out on a date, you don’t want to be like every other guy: you want to be the guy. When planning a perfect date, you will want to consider some factors, for example, before you plan some kind of outdoorsy activities, you want to make sure she’s the outdoorsy type. Put her interests and personality in mind before you decided on planning a date with her. Here is a list of 4 simple steps to plan your date and make it perfect;

Plan the activities –   When planning the activities, you’ll want to consider her interests and personality. Pick activities that are of shared interests to both of you and something you’ll love to do. Let the activities be full of fun stuffs and not just dinner, let it enhance conversation and romance.

Plan the venues – After planning the activities, the next step is to plan the venues. You’ll use the activities you’ve plan to plan very suitable venues for this activities. For example, you planned dinner first, you’ll want to pick a very nice and romantic restaurant then you planned taking her to the movies, you’ll also want to consider taking her to a cinema where to the movie they are showing is what she loves.

Plan a suitable time – After planning the venues for your date, you’ll want to plan a suitable time for it. Your partner might be someone that doesn’t like staying out too late in the night, then you’ll want to consider setting the time to when it’s not dark or too dark. You cannot also plan taking your partner for a walk in the park and set your time to when it’s sunny and hot in the afternoon. So when planning a perfect date, you’ll want to consider setting a suitable time for your activities.

Plan yourself – Planning yourself is a very important part of a date you’ll want to consider. The way you dress, the way you act. When planning yourself, you’ll want to dress nicely and appropriately according to the activities your date is involved in, for example, you can’t have a date which involves going for a hike and dress with your tie and tuxedo. When planning yourself, make the date your backdrop and not your focus, try to act fun, free, casual and carefree.


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