Make a Guy Jealous: Simple 13 Ways

Now these are wicked moves, moves that would make a guy jealous of you AF and you really should use them only if you want to get back at a guy for what he’s done to you. You can also use it to make your boyfriend jealous when necessary.
If a guy’s hurt you and you want vengeance, or if you want to mess a guy’s mind for cheating on you and walking all over you, here are a few things you could do to piss him off to no end.
#1 Make him compete for your attention. Date other guys and let him know what you’re doing. And if asks, tell him the other guy’s just a friend.
#2 Don’t worry about getting caught. Let him spot you with another guy, when you’ve told him that you’re busy at work. And pretend like he’s the one making a big deal out of a little thing.
#3 Cozy up with another alpha male. Get close to the guy your boyfriend feels insecure about and flirt with him subtly, especially when your boyfriend’s around.
#4 Revealing clothes. Wear revealing clothes when you go out with other guys, but dress conservatively when you go partying with your own boyfriend.
#5 Flaunt a hickey. If you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, hook up with someone and let your new ex see your hickey.

#6 Sleep with his friend. If you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, the best way to get back at him is by sleeping with his friend, preferably his best friend who’s a better guy.
#7 Sleep with the enemy. If you want to get even with your ex-boyfriend, sleep with the one guy he hates. There’s no bigger way to make him furious. {Read: 15 Ways to Get a Guy’s Attention}

Make your Boyfriend Jealous
Are you in a relationship for a while with a guy who either takes you for granted or gives more attention to other girls even when you’re around? If your boyfriend only answers in monosyllables or treats you like a guy friend, or even if he has started to ignore you recently, here are a few things you can do to make him jealous and miss your presence.
#1 Get a guy best friend. Guy best friends are never good news for boyfriends. Boyfriends hate them. By getting a guy best friend, it’ll make your man hate your new BFF and make him feel insecure at the same time.
#2 Appear mysterious. Don’t reveal too much about your plans to your boyfriend. Be vague in your answers and avoid having long conversations with him until he takes an interest in spending time with you.
#3 Hog the attention. Have a lot of fun with other guys, especially when you see your boyfriend walking towards you from a distance. And even if he comes close, just wave out to him and have a fun time with your own friends. If he can’t give you preferential treatment, why should you?!
#4 Be a subtle flirter. Flirt with other guys, but don’t overdo it. He may realize that you’re only trying to make him jealous if you overdo it. Or worse, he may think you’re a horny tramp.
#5 Go out on a date. Go out for dinner with a cute guy, and even if your boyfriend asks about it, just tell him the truth like it’s no big deal. If your boyfriend doesn’t want to take you out, why is it a bad thing if some other guy wants to take you out?
#6 Let him know you don’t need him. Guys like being depended on. But behave like you don’t need him around because you have a lot of guy friends who can help you anyway. Ask your boyfriend for his help. But if he can’t help you, get another cute guy to help you and tell your boyfriend about how much fun you had with the other guy.

Precautions and Dangers of Making a Guy Jealous
Let’s face it, all these ways to make a guy jealous may seem fascinating and fun to read. And the best part, it works really well too. But making someone jealous comes at a price. And at most times, the more you try to make someone jealous, the more it may backfire on you. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you try these moves.
#1 He may give up and avoid you completely. Jealously is almost always a positive sign in love, but pushing the odds can turn all that love he has for you into hate.
#2 He may retaliate with his own moves or criticize you publicly.
#3 He may see through your game and realize what you’re up to.
#4 He may even take to competitive flirting or plot ways to get even with you.
#5 The tables may turn and you may end up being the loser. And you’d feel even more jealous and miserable if your ploy fails its purpose.

#6 It may lead to complications and you could end up losing your relationship and a few friends too.
#7 You may end up in pain or resent the whole game halfway. You’d end up angry and confused.
#8 You may become obsessive, possessive and destructive in your pursuit to win this game of jealousy.
#9 You may get what you want. He could end up stalking you or becoming obsessive and violent.
#10 You may lose focus of what you want. If you truly believe the relationship has no future, it’s better to just let go and work on healing your scars instead of plotting revenge all the time, while living in a toxic relationship that could make both of you miserable and angry. It’s never a bad thing to make a guy jealous, as long as it serves its purpose. All said and done, the fact that one of you can get jealous proves just one thing, that there’s love in the air.

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