How to Be Mr. Romantic to your Woman- 4 Easy Steps

Every girlfriend wants her boyfriend to play Mr. Romantic every once in a while. It shows her that he is capable of expressing his love for her. This chapter of the boyfriend rules is totally focused on how to help you learn how exactly to play that character perfectly.
To start with, you should know romance is an act, it is simply the method or ways you use in expressing your love for someone. Therefore the ability to actually express ones love for the other person smoothly and perfectly is called the act of being romantic.
These therefore narrows us down to question of “how do I become a romantic boyfriend?” Well, below I might have some tips to help.

1. BEING UNPREDICTABLE: You can agree with me that it is less fun when exactly you are able to predict a surprise someone has for you right? Then you should understand that for you to be perfectly romantic, you have to be unpredictable. She shouldn’t be able to find out when you are about to surprise her or what you are about to surprise her with. To be perfectly romantic, you have to learn the act of not being predictable.
2. BE DIVERSE: Most guys stick to one kind of thing when it comes to comes to being romantic. They do daily routine of probably getting her flowers over and over again without bothering to try something new. Every girlfriend would get stunned at something new. So try to you know, get diverse when it comes to your expression of love to your girlfriend. You can try new simple stuffs like writing her a romantic note and putting it where she would definitely, send her a romantic text message when she would least expect. Organize a surprise dinner for her, you know just try to put a little something that is totally different from what you are used to and you would surely get her stunned.
3. SENSITIVITY: This I would say is the act of being able to pay attention to details. If you still have to ask your girlfriend what she wants for her birthday just because you have no idea then you are not sensitive enough as a boyfriend. As a perfect boyfriend you should be able to pay close attention to details of what your girlfriend would want. For a girl, she would once in a while say what she wants even if she doesn’t notice it. As a boyfriend. You are expected to be able to pay attention to your girl’s like, dislikes, desires and what she wants.
4. DON’T HOLD IT IN. Of what use is holding in how exactly you feel about your girl just because you don’t want to do too much. How exactly is she supposed to see or feel how much you love her if you don’t express it? You should never be afraid to express your love for your girlfriend {Read: 103 Sweetest things to say to a girl to make her blush and feel special}

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