Fear of talking to ladies can be cause by shyness which is the fear of social interaction with ladies. It is actually a debilitating condition for many men, especially when it comes to romance. In this article, you will learn to overcome your fear of talking to ladies…..

Make a point to be more outgoing in public. When you are out with your friends or family, try to start a conversation within the group. After a while, you find it easy you’ll become comfortable engaging people in a casual manner.


Learn more about women. Do you feel like you understand women enough? Or are they like an alien to you? Spend more time around women. Read books that provide some insight into the differences between women and men. Gain some perspective on the issues that women struggle with. The more you understand women the less scared of them you will become with time.

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Learn to not take rejection personally. If a woman doesn’t seem to want to talk to you, it could be that she’s a snob. And if she’s not a snob, maybe she’s just not attracted to you. So what? She might be stereotyping you, so it’s her loss, not your fault. And if you’re really not her type, that doesn’t mean you’re not anyone else’s type. Stop Taking Things Personally.

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Get out and socialize. Join activities in which you’re always interacting with people, such as the gym, exercise classes, a college society, or a hobby club. Without a doubt you’ll meet lots of interesting people. And who knows? Maybe one of those interesting people will be a woman you’d like to date.

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Make Conversations out of comments or compliments – Making conversations out of comments or compliments might be quite easier. When approaching her or want to start a conversation with her, you can comment on something around you see she’s interested in, or compliment her and make a conversation out of it.


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