Having sex like a pro could be easier than you think. What makes you a pro in bed is actually determined by how you handle every simple sex procedures. Think of it, what makes a novice and pro in probably the same video game is the difference in how they handle and play the video game.

Welcome back guys! Hope you have been enjoying our articles so far. Today I want to talk about tips on how to have sex like a pro. {You Might Like: How to kiss real good}


A lot of people neglects this facts being a pro in bed takes more than how long you can last. It takes what I’ll call bed charisma. A close synonym would be Sex confidence. The way you initiate your approach is what she’ll expect. She knows quite alright that you both wants to have sex, but you have to build anticipation, excitement, and a spice of mystery on what she should expect.

Try out whispering really crazy dirty things in her, you have to be kinda careful when choosing what to say. You don’t want her to feel like a whore.

With saying this Run the tip of your finger really gently from her ear through the side of her neck, down to the of her breasts through her breasts cleavage and stop. This builds the first impression of anticipation and excitement.

Then do the same gently with the tip of your finger from her knee cap up through the internal side of lap to very close to her or vagina area.

This are just few ideas. The main point is to have sex like a total pro you have to learn to build anticipation. {You Might Like: Have Crazy Sex and hit the G-Spot}

FOREPLAY [Read: How to Foreplay like a Pro]

Hmm…Foreplay! A lot of people would ignore this maybe because they are feeling too horny and just want to jump to the sex but the fact is to actually have sex like a total pro, knowing the importance of foreplay might be the backbone. For those of us that don’t understand what foreplay is? Foreplay is what I’ll call an initial act of romance before sex. It is very important to initiate foreplay like a pro to be a pro in sex.

First of all, initiate with a kiss on the lip. Kiss her running your finger through her hair. There are certain points in a woman’s body that are really good spots for romance. {Read: 50 Dirty truth or Dare questions}

The lips, neck, ear, breast {the nipple}, belly button, butt, laps and knees. Some girls might have other spots but this ones are majorly the ones in every girl.

Kiss her lips to her through her neck down to her breast and nipple. Use your tongue on the nipple, moving it around the nipple area and on the nipple gently. Proceed down her tummy to her belly button, repeating the same process on in the nipple on the belly button. Repeat the example I gave when I was talking about anticipation simultaneously in this process. But now plus on the butt area.

Lol! This is just an example, what I’m really driving at is for quality sex there has to be quality foreplay. {You Might Like: 12 Tips to kissing like a total Pro}

Spice up your sex life to make it more exciting. Choose out of diverse sex positions {Tweak missionary, doggy, spooning etc.}, resist sticking to one. Girls react to different sex positions differently that why you cannot stick to one. They get more excited at some than some, it depends on how the position effects their G-spot. Therefore, you have to go through a variety of sex positions to know which ones fits best! {Checkout: How to romance and arouse a girl}

That would be all for now guys! Hope you enjoyed this article…stick around and checkout more amazing articles. You can also bookmark our page at to keep up with daily updates. Have a nice day. {Checkout: Getting good in bed for Men }


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