When a girl wants to break up, everything changes, the love is quite the opposite. When a girl wants to break up, it gets difficult for her and her partner who is involved. Some girls are not like guys who find it easy to state out their intentions especially when it comes to breaking up. Instead, they throw in numerous signs so you can understand and get tired yourself too.
Some break-ups are sudden and unexpected while some break-ups can be predicted by taking note of your girlfriend’s behavior and other clues. If you have in your mind the question “how?” then read further.
Pay attention to her body language– To know if a girl wants to break up, you may want to be sensitive to her body language. Does she avoid your eye contact? Does she feel uncomfortable around you? Does she refuse to return your affection? You have to pay attention to her body language because it actually speaks louder than her words. Most times you would notice:
– She stops showing affection: Unlike before, her expression of love to you speedily depreciates. You have to really find out what might have caused this. If you end up discovering that the loss of love and affection towards you is for no particular, your girlfriend might be really tired of a relationship and wanting a way out.
– She is tired of trying: If your girl begins to get tired of trying to please, you like she used to do, you might be looking a break-up soon. You really have to do your research and find out why also to be sure she isn’t angry with you for a totally different reason. If you able to find out that there isn’t any particular reason you can lay your finger on, you might be looking at a possible break-up.

– Romance drops Drastically, She says “she is not in the mood” always: When your girl starts to always tell you she not in the mood romantically, she doesn’t want to kiss you, doesn’t want to get into romance, talk more of sex, then you should know there is something wrong. It would either she is really pissed at you for something you might have done wrong, or she isn’t interest in your relationship together anymore.
Her actions around you and other guys– Her actions around you may also determine if she wants to break up with you. Is she always isolating herself around you? Do you argue more often? Another indicator that she wants out of the relationship is if she is hard to please and refuses to cheer up around you. A stronger indicator is if she seems happier in the company of her friends or other guys than alone with you.
– She is hungry for experience. When your girl starts to unexpectedly seek new experiences, this might mean she is tired of what she is in right now. It might clearly be sending you signals that she wants out.
She refuses to refer to you as her boyfriend– when a girl stops to refer to her boyfriend as her boyfriend; she is definitely not into the relationship any more. It’s also a sign that she wants to break-up.
She prefers to go out with her friends– If she consistently leaves you at home to gallivant in nightclubs with her girlfriends, then she is definitely losing interest in you. It may be that she wants time away from you, or that she is actually out perusing her options. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for your relationship.
She does not or returns you call less often– When a girl refuses to or returns her boyfriend’s call less often than before, she might be trying to put some distance between you. Do not make the mistake of thinking she’s playing phone games. A woman sometimes plays games in the early stages of dating, but generally not once she’s in a relationship.



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