Am sure when you saw this book title, a part of you got inquisitive. Men to you can mean love, as well as Men to you can mean money and all this you can have if you play your game right.

Now let me ask you, do you think Women Deserve more? I do. Learning to understand men can have far more advantage than you think as a woman. Men are let me say complex and simple kinds of people. When I say complex I mean there are a lot of things you do not know about them and when I say simple, I mean as wide as their scope is, it is really simple to understand. “The Super Woman” gives you inner an insight to understanding men in 4 simple phases eventually giving you a chance to use it to your advantage. Which are:

* Getting to know who we are

* The Mastermind

* The Super woman: Take Charge!

* The Wedding Ring

This phases are stages of a transformation scheme that would change you from “just a woman” to being the catch “The Super Woman”,

  • Fixing your Personal, Relationship and Love-Life Blunders,

  • Teaching you to take charge and take control.

  • And Not just helping you achieve your relationship goals but empowering you to understand and control men to your advantage

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Not still convinced? Checkout what readers of this book around the globe have to say:

Prisca Evans AustraliaMy boyfriend cheated on me and this made me devastated as I almost lost it, then I ran across the super woman and I must say reading this book has been a whole new experience as I have been able to understand why I experienced that situation. I strongly recommend to all

Lovelyn Sky USA Getting this opened my eye to a lot of things as my boyfriend use to take me for granted. I followed the tips here and I got him trolling. Had a little complication and I contacted the author for counselling and he replied with super helpful tips without hesitation. Just wanted to say thank you

Opeyemi Koker NigeriaI got this book for the fun and the insight has been awesome. Thumbs up! Never knew how much potential I had as a womanJ”

You Might be asking yourself, Why exactly should I listen to him?

Well, I have being a dating and relationship blogger for over 4 years, and also worked with top bloggers in the field. I have counselled a lot of issues relating to women’s dating and that’s exactly why I decided to come up with this guide. Together we can change things. Things can get a lot better, just a click would do it.

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