It gets really romantic with these 14 sweet things to do for your boyfriend. Make him smile, make his day with these tips:

#1. Wake him up with his favourite dish on his free day

#2. Compliment him on something you know he’s been working hard at, even if you have to lie a little

#3. Leave him romantic notes stating how much you love him.

#4. If you’ve been really busy and it’s been hard to find time together, send him a little text to let him know you miss him. Guys will never admit to how much they crave messages like that. {Read: The New and Craziest approach to sexting}

#5. Tell him to meet you at a park or the beach, and go for a walk together (especially if he’s had a bad day).

#6. When you’re both at work and stressed and chatting, tell him how badly you want both of you to play hooky, go home, and watch a whole season of Breaking Bad in bed together.

#7. Give him an impromptu massage after he gets back from work

#8. Make him a special Dinner

#9. Slip a note in his back pocket before he leaves for work, just telling him you hope he has a good day.

#10. You need to keep things interesting. Get kinky in bed. {You Might Like: 4 kinky craziest Sex ideas}

#11. Give him plenty of kisses.

#12. Be cliché and send a message in a bottle that would get you heard no matter what it says, because it’s the thought that counts.

#13. Let him have a night out.

#14. Get him gifts every once in a while {Read: 20 insanely Cute things to say to your girlfriend}

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