Top 10 Ways to Make Money Blogging: $25,000 a Month

Tired of the endless search for ways to make money online? I have made a comprehensive list of top ways to make money blogging and not just making money blogging but make an estimate of $25,000 a month with this methods.

Site back, relax, grab yourself a cup of coffee and carefully review this tips to start to make money blogging.


If it happens you haven’t started a blog, it is very important you start your blog under high profitable niches. I will be giving a list of highly profitable niches for you to venture into as a blogger, and in case you have already started your blog and your niche isn’t on my list, don’t worry you can still make thousands of bucks by following the nine steps below.

  1. Health: This is one of the high paying niche especially for AdSense
  2. Insurance
  3. Celebrities
  4. Technology
  5. Viral Content
  6. Blog to download


High Traffic is the secret to making big bucks online. When you have high traffic all this methods work on auto-pilot for you without too much stress. Put effort on working on driving in lot of visitors to your blog, by doing this and following the next eight steps, you would drive in thousands of dollars monthly.

To help you improve visitor count on your blog, follow the following tips:

  1. Get your Content Indexed: Use google webmaster tool known as google search console to start to get your content indexed and start ranking on google search results.
  2. Optimize Content to rank on google search results: Learn to optimize content for best search result by placing enough article keywords on the first 100 words of your articles. Structuring your title for ranking best google search results and a lot more. Try and research more on how to optimize your contents to rank higher on google search result, this would help you build your blog traffic exclusively.
  3. Use Social Media: By using social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, Tumblr, triberr to boost blog post, you tend to build followers therefore directly boosting your blog traffic. Harnessing the power of social media platforms can be a great help to you.
  4. Use Social Bookmarking page: Using social bookmarking websites such as Stumbleupon, Digg and much more.


Advertising networks are companies that pays you to place advert banners on your blog. Advertising networks has been one of the top ways to make money blogging, whether it’s a CPC, CPM or CPA Ad network, though amount you make depends on your traffic and what advertising network you use.

To start with, would love to give an insight on exactly what CPC, CPM or CPA means.

Cost-Per-Mile or Cost-per-Impression {CPM}: This is the amount paid for every impression or let me say the number of time an ad is viewed For example: If a User views 4 pages on your blog with 3 ads each that would make a total of roughly 12 Impressions {4×3=12}

Cost-Per-Click {CPC}:  This is the amount paid for every click a user makes on an advertising banner. This amount depends mostly on the location of the user depending on what location of people your advertising network is looking to reach.

A lot of advertising network would pay you more for clicks from a US visitor while some, other countries.

Cost-Per-Action {CPA}: This is the amount paid for every conversion or leads your advertising banner makes. Companies like this would pay you for web conversion which could include sales, surveys, web forms etc.

Now that you have understood what CPC, CPM or CPA means, I have made a list of Top networks in this area you can sign up for and start to make money with your blog J

  • Top CPC Networks
  1. Google AdSense: They are leading CPC/CPM advertising network. Click here to sign up now.
  2. Infolinks {Sign up now}
  3. net { Join}
  4. Vibrant Media {Sign up}
  5. Ad Buff {Join Now}

  • Top CPM Networks
  1. Google AdSense {Sign up now}
  2. Tribal Fusion {Join Now}
  3. Propeller ads {Join Propeller}
  4. Infolinks {Join Infolinks}
  5. AdBlade {Sign up for AdBlade}

Take your time to review this networks, choose which one suites you best and start to make money blogging today!


Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money online especially with your blog. This way, you get to sell other people’s product with up to 50% Commission on each sale if not more without going through the stress of creating your own product. This method leverages the opportunity to sell more than one products therefore increasing the tendency of making lot of money.

For your information, a whole lot of marketers have made thousands of dollars with this method. Below I have also created a quick list of Top affiliate marketing networks you can join and start making big bucks.

  1. Clickbank: Being one of the largest in the industry. Clickbank focuses on digital information products.
  2. Amazon Associates: Being the largest internet-based retailer in the United States, Amazon associates is a top platform for affiliate marketing.
  3. Shareasale: One of the top affiliate marketing networks, being in business for 15 years as proven to one of the best.
  4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant: {Sign up for this Network}
  5. Flexoffers: With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, it is one of the top leading affiliate networks.

Take your time to review this networks, choose which one suites you best and start to make money blogging today!


Creating and selling your own product could drive in a lot of money as a blogger and has also been proven as a top method to make money blogging. Creating your product could be quite difficult depending on what you plan to sell, it could be a digital product {eBooks, Software} or non-digital {homemade stuffs etc.}As far as it matches your blog niche.

To successfully create and sell your own products and make money online, you should put the following into consideration.

  1. Have it in mind to create an honestly helpful product. A mind blowing one
  2. Let it solve a major problem
  3. Create an Irresistible Sales page
  4. Work on Quality graphics to back up page
  5. Create an easy checkout system. Trust me customers don’t want to go through stress when they finally decide to pay for a product.
  6. Use social media ad platform. Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads to drive in traffic and boost conversion
  7. Be honest with your buyers and work toward a 100% Customer Satisfaction.


Selling Advert Inventory or Space is also a top way to make money blogging. This method involves you, personal selling advertising space directly to clients at a fixed rate for a period of time. By selling advert spaces, you have the advantage of fixing you rate yourself. Now you need Clients! BuySellads   is a good platform to find clients to buy you advert spaces.


Sell backlinks is also one of the numerous ways to make money blogging. Just for the record, let me explain what backlinks mean. Backlinks are outbound links that directs to other webpages or links from other webpages to yours. Backlinks plays an important role also in search engine ranking and a lot of blogs out there are in search of where to get quality backlinks, therefore selling quality backlinks can get you additional revenue. Below I have made a list of platforms that you can sign up with to sell backlinks.

  1. PostLinks {Sign Up For PostLinks}
  2. com {Sign Up for Backlinks}
  3. Links Management {Sign Up for Links for links Management}


Starting an e-course is also one of the multiple methods to make money blogging or online. In this method, you get to take your subscribers through a series of lessons in form of articles for a period of time. To make money doing an e-course, you can either charge them for before they take the e-course or charge them for course material, these can include{eBook, Video guide etc.}

Find what people in your niche would love to learn and start to make money with it. Build your subscriber list and offer the solution to this problem as an e-course and start to make revenue!


Build a website and sell it. This is one of the top ways to make money blogging. Build a website to receive a lot of traffic and sell. A high paying website with at least 5000 visitors daily would cost an estimate of $25 000. Build your website and find a platform to sell it.

Wish you Good luck on your journey to making big bucks blogging!

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