WHAT GIRLS LOVE IN GUYS; 10 Things Girls Like in a Guy

There are a lot of things a girl can like in guy. It could be his posture, the way he walks, talks, eats and so much more. But in this article, we will be talking about the basic things girls love in guys that makes them attracted to them.

Confidence – confidence is very important and one of the things girls like in guys. A girl would not know if you exist, talk less of knowing you have interest in her if you don’t walk up to her and say something. Make effort to talk to her even if it seems scary and you feel nervous at first. Find what you both have in common, whether it’s a hobby, interest, favorite movie and start up a conversation with it. Girls feel more impressed if you approach them first. Take a chance, don’t hold back. It’s far better than spending your entire life wondering what if……?

Neatness [good personal hygiene] – Girls like guys with good and proper personal hygiene, guys who are neat and smell nice. Girls often notices things like bad breath, body odour, flab etc. before they notice that winning personality. Give them a chance to see that good quality by making a good first impression with your appearance. Basic cleanliness and a proper hygiene is extremely important.

Have your own life – Real girls with a strong sense of purpose and self-worth don’t like guys who have no lives of their own or who cling to them like plastic wrap, they love guys that able to stand even without them, guys that have their own life and are able to control and manage it. To do this, you have to focus filling your time with your own interest, hobbies, goals etc. and avoid being attached to her always.

Sense of humor – Girls find it fun to be with guys that are funny. Telling jokes and funny stories may not be the only way to make a person laugh, be bold and think of some antics to make her laugh, like clowning around. Don’t be afraid to have fun; watch funny films together, fight with pillows, play video games together. Let every minute she spends with you be full of fun and laughter.

Being yourself – girls don’t expect you to change. They love you whether you’re tall, short, large, skinny etc. and that’s the more reason you should be yourself. Let them love you for who you are and not who you are pretending to be. Don’t be afraid….. Not every girl wants a stereotypical, masculine guy and by that I mean guys with big muscles, a six- pack, they more or less prefer guys that are naturally looking.

Honesty and sincerity – One thing girls love is ‘honesty’ and ‘sincerity’. You don’t need to make up lies and stories to make her like you, tell her the truth and let her love you for it. Even when complimenting her, always try as much as possible to be sincere. One thing I know for sure is that girls hate liars.


The “bad boy” thing probably won’t work – The all known “bad boy” thing mostly doesn’t work for all girls. Girls are more attracted and prefer guys that are sweet, kind, guys that compliment them, guys that make them feel special and appreciated, guys that listens to them when they need someone to talk to, guys that are always there for them when they need help. So if you’re not a bad boy and you’re just faking it, you’ll be better off being yourself. Just want you to know that not only bad boys can get the attention of chicks, good guys too.


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